Ordering prescriptions from an international pharmacy is too often clouded in myths and misconceptions. The general public still hasn't come to terms with how easy and reliable it is, and there are plenty of interests out there just waiting to pour fuel on the fires of uncertainty.

In the following article, we'll be discussing the reasons you should be using an international pharmacy for your needs. First, however, let's tackle the roadblocks head-on. 

Understanding the Roadblocks

There are four primary roadblocks that have made consumers shy about trusting their health to the international pharmacy marketplace. In this section, we're going to tackle each one starting with governmental and domestic marketplace interference, or rather: 

Regulatory Interference

The problem for several years has been regulatory interference. In the US, for example, the Food and Drug Administration does not allow the import of drugs from foreign countries if those drugs are not FDA-approved.

That may seem reasonable enough on the surface. However, it created a not-so-reasonable situation where you had the very same drug from one country being denied because of its origin point. This keeps Americans from affordably obtaining drugs they need, and it has created a crisis in their healthcare system that has lasted for many years.

While the solution hasn't had time to take effect, it appears the government may be relaxing this regulatory control in the months ahead. (This, according to the 2020 State of the Union Address from President Donald Trump.)

Scare Tactics

Another big problem of buying drugs from international pharmacies is that pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and government regulators have created a scary narrative around foreign marketplaces. Emphasis on not knowing what you're going to get has frightened many consumers into paying more than they should.

The solution, of course, is already out there, though not as well-publicized. Watchdog websites that grade international pharmacies are popular and can provide adequate insight to anyone hoping for a better solution. 

Online Transaction Uncertainty

A number of people are still uncomfortable transmitting their financial information online. This is understandable given the high rate of identity theft worldwide, but there are certain steps you can take to reduce the risk. 

Privacy Concerns

One final concern consumers have with purchasing prescriptions online is this. They fear that their personal health information will become known to the public.

In reality, prescriptions for home delivery are less prone to privacy leaks than buying from a domestic source. Discrete packaging, lack of human contact in the transaction process, and the added barrier of buying from another country keep your friends and acquaintances none the wiser.

Now that we've covered the things likely to hold you back from using an international pharmacy, let's move forward. Here are the reasons to say "yes." 

1. International Pharmacies Are More Accessible Than You Think

Finding the best international pharmacy isn't as much of a guessing game as you think. It's possible to locate reputable pharmacies outside of your home country that sells legitimate brand name and generic drugs for less. 

You often can tell from their accreditations whether you can trust doing business with them. In the case of Medix Pharmacy, they are licenced and regulated by The Medicines & Healthcare Related Products Regulatory Agency in the UK (Equivalent to the US FDA and Health Canada). All online pharmacies should be transparent about their accreditations. 

2. They Offer Lower Prices

An online international pharmacy can offer much cheaper pricing because they usually do not have the encumbrances of markets where there are significant research and development (or R&D) at stake. Marketplaces like the US do not carry those same advantages.

Regulations and intentional holds on generic drug development mean that many consumers are forced to go with brand names longer than they should. Meanwhile, these drug companies are selling their wares cheaper in less R&D-driven markets and working to prevent their importation. 

3. They Make It Easier to Shop

Overseas pharmacies allow consumers to log on, type their needs into a search box, and get instant results. Compare this to the experience with a brick-and-mortar pharmacy in your own country. 

You enter, walk to the counter, hand the pharmacist your slip of paper and are told they don't have that particular drug in stock. It'll be X amount of time before you can get the drug you need, and it'll likely involve a repeat trip to the pharmacy.

International pharmacies show you everything they have on-hand, allow you to order right away, and then receive the package at a time that's convenient for you. Even if it takes a day or two longer, that's one less thing you have to worry about.

4. They Contain a Wider Selection

Reputable online pharmacies are going to carry every available option that pertains to your needs. You're no longer in a situation where a doctor has to prescribe something else -- something that may not work as well for you -- because the local pharmacies do not carry it.

Where this really benefits you is the generic selection. Generic drugs open up numerous possibilities for how you go about receiving treatment. They're also much cheaper and, conveniently, out-of-stock when you need them from a local pharmacy. 

Not so with international online pharmacies. You choose, order, and receive, and on that topic: 

5. International Pharmacies Deliver

Once you realize foreign online pharmacies are safe to order from, you can kick back and wait for the shipment to come. International deliveries may take a little longer to arrive at your door, but anything you give up in speed is made up for in cost and discretion. 

You don't have to worry about someone seeing your prescription and asking questions. Deliveries arrive in secure packaging with personal information out-of-sight. 

Try an International Pharmacy to See for Yourself

An international pharmacy is definitely worth seeking out if you have yet to use one. The safeguards are there as are the options and pricing. It just takes some research and due diligence.

Good luck as you start your search. If Medix Pharmacy can be of any assistance or answer any further questions about how online prescription purchases work, don't hesitate to contact us at once.